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Coping in lockdown

Throughout my life, my father has been a relentless plant lover. Over the course of time, his passion for gardening has spread to his entire household and I am glad it did. Caring for them has rescued us all in hard times till now we are all obsessed in one way or the other!!!

Research has shown that gardening is healing and brings you into a state of wellness both physically and mentally. I am no expert on the science behind this but I can say that my experience definitely has me convinced.

There was a time in my life where I was struggling with a range of emotions. To help me process what I was going through, I turned to tending to plants and I loved the way this activity helped me forget what was troubling me. I would rise early - 4am- every morning and water them. This process really helped me heal.

When the lockdown was enforced I went through my own paces coming to terms with it. I usually don't talk about my feelings and I'm not sure how to draw or paint about them. I will say though that I did get a desire to paint like no other during this time so maybe I was doing it intuitively. What I do know is that I remembered plants, and I remembered how tending to them and being with them early in the morning made me feel relaxed and at peace. I even talked to them and honestly I felt like my words were falling on listening ears!

I hope wherever you are, you are able to find peace with everything that is happening - I encourage you to give gardening a try, I know it's not for everyone but it definitely has helped many people to heal.

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