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Healing Watercolour

Lately I've been diving a bit deeper into watercolour painting and it has been such a great experience. Instead of trying to create a masterpiece every day, I just work with what I see on my desk. This allows my painting sessions to be more effective since I could focus on moving paint on the page rather than on what to paint or how everything looks.

I participated in an online class that focused on this, and it was so helpful to know that the instructor faced the same challenges as I did. It made me be more patient with myself and give the work a bit more time to develop.

Because I love mixing mediums, I've been enjoying playing with wax and watercolour. The process is similar to printmaking in that as you work through the image, you reserve the colours you wish to keep with wax before applying the next layer of paint.

This definitely reminds me of reduction print making and I really hope to work with it some more since I love the marks the wax creates.

Do you work with this technique? I'd love to hear about it!

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Unknown member
May 17, 2021

Really liking the addition of your art, Kim!! You need to do my portrait the next time you're in Trinidad! 😏

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