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Doodlewash Watercolor Month Day 5

With the overall goal in mind, I launch into the 2nd layer of this painting. Inspired by a sketch I made a few weeks back. I launched into putting the washes down, to capture a few ships in the distance and some foliage. Went a bit off track from the sketch but, I can live with it.

Charcoal Sketch

World watercolor month Painting 5

In the end, I love the textures that were created as well as how I resisted splashing paint everywhere like I usually do!

Lately I've been learning to switch things up with my brushes, using smaller sizes at different stages. This really helps to control the amount of water that's on the page and keeps unwanted effects away.

I love a brush fully loaded with watery watercolour but at this point, it's not entirely what's needed.

Are you doing a paint / journal / any kind of challenge this month? Comment below, I'd love to hear all about it.

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