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Watercolour is a friend

Doodlewash world watercolor month Days 2 -4

Putting down the washes and then letting watercolour do its work is always extremely satisfying.

I have learnt that watercolour is a friend, at least it has been a friend to me. What friend wants to be bossed around? What friend wants casual, sometimes visits? What friend wants to be feared?

second day of the world watercolour month 31 day painting challenge
World Watercolour Month Painting 2 first layers

No one. So in order to make friends, you should show yourself friendly, so here I am showing up and learning some more.

Watercolor painting for day 2 of doodlewash world watercolor month 2023
World watercolor month painting 2

For days 3 and 4 I focused on adding the next layers. These layers present a different type of enjoyment. It is my aim to latch on to this as I work through the pieces.

On the way to suck less, now for Day 5.

watercolor painting for Doodlewash world watercolour month 2023
World watercolor month painting 3

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