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What is the goal?

World Watercolor month challenge Week 2

We're into the second week of the challenge and I've just realized I haven't posted what I did for the first day, whoops, better late than never!

31-day Practice and Suck Less challenge by Austin Kleon
Watercolour painting challenge progress

To get myself started I just went for it, got some marks down on the paper, splashed paint around.

Sketch to watercolour painting, using sketches as reference
Soft pastel sketch and Watercolor Painting

Lately I've been working from drawings I do outdoors rather than reference photos. I usually get sucked into scrolling needlessly on the Internet searching for the "perfect reference" while time is going. Working from drawings saves time and allows me to focus on the task at hand.

Watercolour painting number 1 in world watercolour month challenge
World Watercolour Month 2023 Painting 1

Sketches from life are already worked out, they're mine, no copyright issues and I already have a connection with them, win/ win.

I struggled a lot with my water control this time so I hope to get a handle on that as the month progresses. This got me thinking a bit more about my goals for this challenge.

Now that I have a few days under my belt, I think I'm clearer on what I wish to achieve for the rest of the month:

  1. Get comfortable with my materials

  2. Experiment with different concentrations of water: pigment

  3. Figure out how to add layers

  4. Work on getting more contrast and a sense of light into the paintings.

That's a lot to work on in a short space of time, I agree, but attempting paintings with these goals in mind will definitely help me show up to paint and not be too tethered to the result.

Have you been doing a challenge? How has it been going for you?

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