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World Watercolor Month Round up

World watercolor Month Day 21

I've made it to the end and I'm glad I stuck with it. My friendship with watercolour has grown a lot and I now have concrete areas to work on for the rest of the year.

What's next?

I definitely want to keep the momentum going. Not only with daily painting but with showing up for this blog every Wednesday. It has been quite a relief to not have the urgency of a daily post.

I think there's a lesson there and I'm sure you can agree. Sometimes you need to go full throttle with things to make them be where you'd like in the shortest space of time. Other times, it's important to follow the path you know you can be the most consistent on. This is where I found myself of late and it's been quite freeing.

In between this challenge, I've been creating lots of drawings and sketches. These were my reference material for the paintings I did during the month. I've been sharing that process over on a substack I created called "Walking Scenes" feel free to join me there if you love drawing and sketchbooks. I'm always drawing everywhere so it's quite a delight to share my sketchbook with the Internet. I love artists sketchbooks.

I think it is through creating these sketches that I learnt the most valuable lesson:

In my practice it is more important for me to look at the marks I make through the lens of " what can this be?", "what can I make?" rather than "What is this?"

Because of this outlook, there was always a new path to forge, a new place to go and a new avenue to explore. This kept me going especially in the difficult "I don't want to do this" moments.

Did you learn anything new in July? Please tell me about it in the comments.

I took a break for the long weekend, so will share with you all the paintings from this month next week. Some of them will be made into prints and these will be a part of this month's shop update.

I've been putting this update off for months, I know!

Until next week.

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