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Just start painting

I started off this challenge in a bit of a funk. Hurricane Elsa just passed over Barbados and I felt less than inspired to create. Usually when I feel like this, I go to a place of comfort, so I pulled out my favourite rubber stamp and began adding colour to it.

Lately I've also been painting impressionistic palm trees so I began working on one of these. They've become so therapeutic to paint, it helped me to relax a bit more.

I really wanted to have a go at a few of the subjects from Ohn Mar Win's prompts so I attempted to paint a ship, which I've never done before!

The boat truly wasn't my favourite, but I'm so happy I did it because it really helped me to become more freer with my mark making. I reminded myself that challenges are always difficult at first and it's important to simply start.

The next illustration I did was of a butterfly. This was an absolute joy to paint. As always, watercolour does it's own thing and I love letting it do that!

Well that's the end of the round up for week 1, see you next week!

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