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Learning from Procreate

Doodlewash World Watercolor Month Days 8 and 9

Procreate has always been challenging, I never really "got it", I'm more into traditional mediums. Lately, however, I've been journaling in the app, recording my days the way Austin Kleon does. After doing this for the last 2 months or so I'm convinced that journaling is a pathway I can use to learn different mediums and explore different approaches to getting a painting from start to end.

After working on this sketch in procreate, I had a better grasp of how I can capture the scene. Now I can take it to the paper and have a go without feeling completely lost. Here are the finished paintings.

World Watercolor Month Days 8 and 9

Since February of this year I've been sketching on my walks and these spots have become such friendly places.

Almost 1/2 way in this challenge and I'm looking forward to what the rest of it holds.

See you on Friday!

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