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The Halfway Mark

World Watercolour Month Days 15-18

I've made it 1/2 way through the challenge, proud of myself too.

World watercolor month day 15

Documenting and actually doing the challenge is quite a task as I'm learning. Not mad about it, just understanding what's required, knowing that I'm going to fall short and that's okay.

World watercolor month day 16

Something about taping myself was throwing off the whole process for me so I decided to leave that out for the next few days. I also used the same colours, and this helped me moved through the paintings so much easier.

World watercolor month day 17

Decided to repeat a scene I attempted earlier on in the challenge, on day 7. I really overworked Day 7 so wanted to have another go. Less overworking but definitely missing something, what do you think? I'll undoubtedly try this pairing again before the month is over. I've done the sketch quite a few times on my walks and have learnt the scene a bit more. This is something I've been doing to help me get into the mindset to create more work, more often, and it has been quite helpful.

World watercolor month day 18

I share more about this process on my substack walking scenes. Wanted to keep that separate from the updates I share here. I'll be posting on Mondays and Fridays on the substack commencing July 31st so if you're interested in seeing more behind the scenes, please join me over there.

Now I'm all caught up and can move on to the second half of the challenge.

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