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Falling behind

World watercolor month days 19, 24, 25, 26

Some failed paintings coupled with happy moments

World Watercolor month painting day 26

I'm behind but catching back up! I originally planned to complete the outstanding paintings in masse but I think I'll just do two paintings a day till I'm all caught up. My main goal is to spend time with the craft, which consequentially means being more habitual with painting. I think it will take more than a month for this to stick.

World Watercolor month painting day 19

I've fallen into painting in a very loose way and I must admit, I want to stick with this trend, it feels right. This week I reminded myself, yes I'm making marks with the paint, but I'm also creating a wash.

World Watercolor month painting day 25

I need to move the bead of paint from one part of the paper to the next, making shapes as I go Being intentional about this means that I have to have what I'm doing in mind. There is time for loose, carefree marks but it isn't for the whole painting!

World Watercolor month painting day 24

I also reminded myself that in these challenges there will be failures. Stuff I don't like in the moment and tons of "imperfection". Honestly, this is quite okay with me. The imperfections have led to lots of learning and valuable discoveries.

Above all, there is fun, even in this painting for Day 24 that is terribly overworked. I'm definitely going to attempt this scene again.

Until next week...

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