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Keep the goal in sight

World Watercolor Month Days 10-13

Approaching the halfway mark of anything always brings with it the "I don't want to do this" anymore feeling. Thinking why I am even bothering.

That feeling just gets deeper and deeper with every day that I live sometimes. Why bother?

World Watercolor Month Day 10

There are lots of reasons to "bother" and it boils down to keeping the goals that I have for this process top of mind.

World Watercolor Month Day 11

The main thing being that I want to get even deeper understanding of my materials and process. So all feelings aside, it is time to push on.

World Watercolor Month Day 12

Bringing my goals back to the forefront, even thought I fell behind this week, the important thing that I showed up and did the work.

World Watercolor Month Day 13

Some splatter from another painting fell on Day 13 but I decided to roll with it and add some of my own. All in a good day's work.

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